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    Reading Social Interaction and Everyday Life (Giddens, 2005), one comes across the sentence: “It has been suggested that gender relations in modern societies are becoming more equal. If this is so, then there should be signs of such growing equality in the everyday non-verbal behaviour of men and women.” (p. 257). That’s an interesting proposition; but it also set me thinking in a slightly different direction – it would be   Read More ...

    A report based on the deliberations of the Working Group for Higher Education in the 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-17), titled Inclusive and Qualitative Expansion of Higher Education (2011), identified “access and expansion, equity and inclusion, and quality and excellence (p. 2)” as the “triple objective” for Indian higher education in the 12th FYP. Thus, institutes of higher education in India are expected to lay special emphasis on equity, plurality and demographic   Read More ...

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