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    While pictures and videos can sometimes over-simplify and fail to capture the nuances, this simplicity can at times convey a point more effectively and be more hard-hitting than dozens of belaboring books on the subject. This short animation tries to present the absurdity of humans and their lives, in relation to the environment.

    Vir, in Latin, refers to a man and virilis to being manly or worthy of a man. This root later evolved into virile and virility in English, which has come to refer to ‘masculine characteristics’ such as strength and vigour (esp sexual) and is now also sometimes used in expressions such as a virile and healthy nation or virile leadership to mean energetic or potent. Interestingly, we find वीर्  (and वीरयते which means to be powerful   Read More ...

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    Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences concerned with the study of planets, stars, galaxies & other celestial objects and phenomena. From time immemorial the night sky has fascinated many cultures in the past including the Indians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese & the Greeks and it continues to fascinate us even today. An opportunity of observing them with telescopes is quite an exciting and exhilarating experience. How about observing these objects   Read More ...

    Some words, as a friend recently remarked, are delicately descriptive – they do not merely carry a ‘meaning’ but a lot more. Unfortunately, it becomes nigh impossible for someone who has not grown-up in the particular cultural milieu in which those words originated and were originally used, to understand them fully. Gau-dhuli (गो-धूली) – a word that used to be common in many Indian languages, seems to me, to be   Read More ...

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